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Jerusalem24 is a Palestinian local radio station and online news agency, committed to act as an independent media outlet to inform, educate and entertain our audience in the English language. Furthermore, we also broadcast and publish news, reports and stories in Hebrew.

 Jerusalem24 was launched to create a professional platform that reports to an international and Israeli audience, in terms of daily life, culture, economics, history and politics in Palestine, with focus on Jerusalem and marginalized areas. 

 Jerusalem24 is owned by Afkar Productions Company.

OUR VISION To be a credible source of news about Palestine, for English and Hebrew speaking audiences, interested in Palestinian news.

 ABOUT AFKAR Our journey in media and production had started since 2014, when a group of young journalists established Afkar Company for Productions. At the time, we launched our first media platform “24FM”, with an ambition to create a new path for radio work in Palestine. Since day one, we believed in the ability of media to cause positive change in society.

Indeed, we aim to provide professional and reliable information through comprehensive media platforms, where the public is equipped with the necessary information to participate effectively in public life, which ultimately contributes to strengthening democracy, reform and the public interest in Palestine.

In a very short time, 24FM became one of the most popular radio stations in Palestine. We attracted a wide audience, as we draw the attention to various topics in an independent, professional and transparent manner.

We built on our success in Radio to extend our reach a larger audience, so we also focused on a news website, media production as well as our presence on social media. Now after approximately 7 years, we are starting a new journey by creating an English radio station and website “Jerusalem 24″.


24FM: One of the most well-known radio stations in Palestine. It broadcast online and on three waves 97.9 FM in middle of WB, 106.2 FM in North.

Jerusalem24: A new English radio station. It is funded by the EU and was launched on May 2021. It broadcast online and on wave 106.1 FM

Website: www.24fm.ps  I   Jerusalem.24fm.ps

Social media in Arabic: 24FMPalestine

Social media in English: J24FMPalestine

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