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Writing in both English and Arabic, Nimr views her writing as a mission on behalf of Palestinian children

Jerusalme24 – The “Palestine Book Award” is a prestigious annual event in Britain, through which books published in English about Palestine, its history, people and the reality of the contemporary issue are celebrated, and their authors are honored, pointing out that it is an attempt to encourage writers and publishers to produce more books on Palestine.

Professor of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Birzeit University, Dr. Sonia Nimr, won the “Palestine Book Award” for the year 2021 granted by the Middle East Monitor in the United Kingdom, for the best new book published in English Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands.

In this episode Dr Sonia Nemr Joined Mona Hijjawi in VIBES and discussed with us her feelings after winning such an award and the importance of it on all aspects, she took us in a short journey telling us about her winning novel and the idea and goals behind it, we also tackled the woman in her novel and the importance of exporting Palestine to the English speaking audience.

Listen to the full interview in the link below!

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