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100 samples suspected of having the omicron mutation

Jerusalem24 – On Sunday morning, Health Minister Mai Al-Kaila said that there are 100 samples suspected of having the omicron mutation in Palestine, and they were sent to the Israeli “Tel Hashomer” Hospital for examination and confirmation.

Al-Kaila added in a statement, “We are waiting for the laboratory material that directly reveals the infection of the new mutant.” She explained that these samples are for people coming to Palestine from abroad, stressing that no infection with the “Omicron” mutant has been recorded in Palestine so far.

Al-Kaila called on citizens to go for free vaccination and take the third dose of the vaccine, because this will make their immunity stronger against corona, stressing that vaccines are available in Palestine.
She pointed out that “the percentage of immunity in Palestine has become 42% and we seek to raise it, and it varies in the West Bank and Gaza, in the West Bank it is 60%, and 27.3% in Gaza.

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