Do We Need a Booster Dose of the Corona Vaccine?

Jerusalem24 – While the emergence of the omicron variant has caused concern worldwide, there is cause for some optimism: emerging evidence on vaccine booster programs reveals that a third dose can take people’s coronavirus protection to unexpectedly high levels. For further discussion, in this episode of Vibes, Mona Hijjawi spoke with Dr. Ramez Dweikat from the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Dweikat discusses how you may choose which COVID-19 vaccine you receive as a booster shot. Even if it’s different from the one you originally received. In addition, he argues that everyone ages 18 and older can get a booster shot. Especially elderly and people who are at risk of severe diseases. Also, its recommended to be taken after 6 months of taking the second dose of vaccine.

To answer more of your questions take a listen to the full interview below:

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