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The Psychological Impact of The Israeli Occupation Attacks on School Students

Jerusalem24 – On daily basis, the Israeli occupation forces targets Palestinian educational institutions. Students, normally, expects school to be their second safe home. Yet, this is far from truth due to the constant Israeli assaults on Palestinian schools. When storming schools, Israeli occupation forces vandalize, attack, detain, and assault an abundance of individuals and the educational entity itself. Therefore, and since this issue should never be normalized, defending the human rights of Palestinian children under the occupation is a crucial matter.

In this episode of Vibes, the specialized community psychologist, Mona Al Zuhairy, joined us in a discussion about the serious effects and the mental impacts on Palestinian children living under the Israeli continuous attacks. The amount of humiliation and terror that Palestinian kids have to live with causes them severe damages mentally, academically, and socially. Both the assaulted students and their peers are affected and traumatized. “Connection is key” said Al Zuhairy, advising all parents to talk more to their kids and let them express their inner thoughts and feelings. In addition, she asks school administrations to implement mental health support programs and to work collectively with parents and teachers for the student welfare.

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