“Baba Read For Me” 2021

Jerusalem24 – “Baba Read For Me” campaign came in its first version as an attempt to bridge the gap in the relationship between the father and his children, in light of economic and political contexts and conditions that cannot be described as easy, and therefore the focus was focused on strengthening the social fabric, thus the attempt continued, and thus “Baba Read For Me” campaign continued.

In this episode o0f VIBES Hana Irshaid, project coordinator at Tamer Institute for Community Education spoke to Mona Hijjawi about this campaign, the aims of it and the specialty of this campaign this year especially  in light of the covid-19 crisis and the online learning and its severe repercussions on children and families in general.

Hana discussed the techniques the institute use in this campaign and the activities that accompany it in moving around all the Palestinian cities !

Check the full interview in the link below!

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