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LIVING CULTURES Showroom, a platform to promote design, arts and cultures in Palestine!

Jerusalem24 – LIVING CULTURES is a platform to promote design, arts and culture, specifically with Palestinian traditional heritage reflecting cultures and communities, and redesigned with an acute contemporary approach for today’s world.

The two co-founders, Taline Mardorissian and Berni Shawa, after recognizing the importance of grasping the evolution of cultural traditions as communities transform and adapt to the world that is ever-changing around them, opened the Living Cultures Showroom in Ramallah in May 2018.

Ramallah has been providing a creative platform for many artists and designers to innovate and showcase their talents and products. However, there hasn’t been a designated space to host the work of such designers and connect them with each other and with wider audiences. Living cultures addressed such a gap focusing on the adaptation of cultural heritage to suit the rapid transformations which our societies are undergoing without producing repetitive icons and products. It also provided a sustainable platform for upcoming designers and the promotion of their work.

Living cultures is not just a designer shop or showroom but it’s a cultural space for networking, sharing ideas and promoting dialogue between designers, artists and the local public. Several designers and artists are currently hosted in the showroom and are regularly connected through a variety of activities with each other and the local community.

Get to know more about LIVING CULTURES from The two co-founders, Taline Mardorissian and Berni Shawa in their interview with Mona Hijjawi in VIBES in the link below!

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