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Israel sets new measures for Palestinians’ entry to Israel

Jerusalem24 – After midnight, the Israeli Cabinet for Corona Affairs approved a series of measures after a session that witnessed disputes between ministers over tightening restrictions again in light of the spread of the new mutant “Omicron” in a number of countries around the world, and infections were recorded in Israel too.

On Saturday evening, the Israeli authorities announced the condition for Palestinians to enter Israel through the crossings of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The Coordinator of Israeli Government Operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Major General Ghassan Alyan, stated that due to the high cases of Corona and to avoid the spread of the new mutation, as of next Tuesday 30/11, Palestinians who do not meet the instructions of the green mark will not be allowed to enter Israel from the crossings of the West Bank and Gaza except humanitarian cases.
He added: “We remind you that according to the instructions of the Israeli green mark, Palestinians who received the third dose or any vaccination dose during the past six months, or who received one dose and recovered from corona during the past six months, can enter. In any case, your details must be registered and updated in the Palestinian health system.”
He pointed out that holders of all types of permits can check the validity of their permits and vaccination in the system prior to reaching the crossing and at any moment through  the “coordinator” application.

According to the Hebrew Ynet website, it has been agreed to ban foreigners from entering Israel from all countries, except in exceptional cases, while Israelis returning from all countries will be required to enter into home isolation, provided that everyone is subjected to laboratory tests for several times during their isolation, which will be Three days for the vaccinated, and one week for the unvaccinated.

He indicated that the Israelis returning from the countries that are defined in red will be required to isolate for one week even if they have been vaccinated, and they will first be transferred to hotels designated for isolation, until they obtain a negative result from laboratory tests, and if they obtain this result, they will be transferred to home isolation to undergo another examination on the seventh day.

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