Diabetes Diet, Eating, & Physical Activity with Nutritionist Zaina Barghouti

Jeruslaem24 – As November is officially Diabetes awareness month, this episode of Vibes is joined by the amazing nutritionist, Zaina Barghouthi, who discussed with us diabetes and its causes, effects, and the impact of the pandemic on diabetic patients. Noting that diabetes is a kind of disease that requires a specific nutritious diet to regulate blood sugar levels, therefore, a monitor from a specialized doctor and a nutritionist is recommended. Both quality and quantity are extremely crucial for diabetic patients. Although, quantity can be personalized depending on patient’s needs, quality, however, is truly vital.

Diabetes and its three main types; type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes can be prevented by a good monitoring over sustainable diet plan. if not controlled, diabetes can lead to other chronic diseases. However, many studies have shown that a healthy weight loss is an effective way to control remission. So, a healthy lifestyle approach towards food, sleep, stress and activity is key.

Ever since diabetes is a very common disease in Palestine, this episode is dedicated to raise awareness about diabetes and the appropriate ways of dealing with it.

Many more in the full interview down below:

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