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The cultural life of Ramallah this week

Jerusalem24 –  A.M. Qattan Foundation is hosting two Art shows next week. Starting with a music show by Akram Abdulfatah on November 20, followed by a performing art called the slaughterhouse on the 22th November. Majd Nasrallah, Project Coordinator in the Foundation spoke to Mona Hijjawi in VIBES about the music Akram Abdulfatah will be playing, Abdulfatah will be playing pieces of his composed works that combine diverse musical styles and cultures, such as Turkish, Indian and Persian music, to reflect the richness of all oriental cultures. Yet, additionally, the writer and director of the slaughterhouse, Waseem Khair, wants to demonstrate the balance of power between beauty and ugliness through his play, as its events reveal the voracious nature of humans stripping it of its humanity. The slaughterhouse is a play that mimics a violent reality, and even a predatory one through a physiological journey in the brains of the story’s characters, a brutal journey in the pursuit of power, revenge, and ruthless selfishness.

Take a listen to the full interview below to know more about the two shows:

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