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“Jowa el Koon”, Dina Amin’s Debut Single

Jerusalem24 – This episode is a celebration of all Palestinian musicians, singers, vocalists, and filmmakers, as well as a first look at Dina Amin. Dina is a successful filmmaker as well as an exceptional singer with a rich and soothing voice. Her debut short film has received numerous nominations. The young CEO and co-founder of space collective stops by our studio to tell us about her journey to success, how she manages her singing and filmmaking careers, her life in Italy, how she discovered her passion for singing, her film “Rise Up,” and her future plans. When it comes to her new song “Jowa el Koon” – Inside the Universe- she acknowledges Sabra Sounds’ “magical jazz hands” for the song’s production and mastering. Listen in to learn more about Dina and the surprise she had in store for us in the studio!

Check out her new song “Jowa el Koon” on youtube https://youtu.be/f7GcGbMj-Sk 🙂

Get to know Dina more in this interview!

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