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Palestine Podcast Academy

Jerusalem24 – After six months of hard work, setbacks and leaps forward, and after all manner of logistical challenges, our very first Palestine Podcast Academy is done! In fact the first two Palestine Podcast Academies are done!

The Palestine Podcast Academy is an initiative of Latitude Adjustment Podcast, and the Amsterdam-based nonprofit, Open Roads Media. The academy connected Palestinians in Gaza, east Jerusalem, and across the West Bank, for an intensive multi-week course in podcast production, and over the course of the next few weeks the Academy will be publishing the collaborative team projects. But this is only the beginning.

Eric Maddox host of latitude adjustment podcast and the creator of the Palestine podcast academy, Spoke to Mona Hijjawi in VIBES, he introduced the academy and the goals behind it, stressing on the challenges the students have faced and the topics they have chosen, so what are you waiting for? Go to the Spotify channel. The podcast academy episodes are the five most recent shows, and they are in both English and Arabic. But you can also find more on the website, or on Apple Podcasts.

Listen to the interview in the link below!

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