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Self -Employment Day!

Jerusalem24 – Are you struggling to find employment? Have you ever considered the option of being self-employed to create income? There are many opportunities out there, even when the economy is not doing well now. Some of the opportunities do not require a lot of capital to get started. Take online freelancing for example, all it takes is a laptop and an internet connection to get started. Of course, you will need the right skills to find your market niche in a competitive environment, but the first step is to get started.

There are many other options for self-employment, some of which can also be done as a home-based business. It can be related to textiles, food production or any other service which does not need an office or a production site. Nowadays you have many options to market and sell your products through the internet and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, who account for a significant share of online sales.

In this Episode of VIBES Lour Nasser Joined Mona Hijjawi and discussed the event and affirmed that If self-employment is an interesting alternative for you, the Self-Employment day on November 14th is a must for you to attend because experienced experts in many fields suitable for self-employment will give practical advice on how to get started. This may help you to avoid some of the mistakes that are inevitable when starting a business. The Palestinian Fund is also part of the program and will give information in case you need to raise money before you can start your business.

Moreover, Lour added that during the event, which will be conducted virtually and streamed online, some questions by the audience will be answered live by the experts. And if you have further questions, there will be trained self-employment advisors ready to meet in-person in several governorates. You can schedule your individual appointment during the event.

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