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The First Palestinian Digital Rights Violations Monitor Against Palestinian Content

Jerusalme24 -7amleh – the Arab Center for Social Media advancement launched 7or (Hurr), the first Palestinian digital rights violations monitor and the first open online platform to monitor, document and follow-up on digital rights violations against Palestinian content. Although, 7amleh has worked in monitoring, documenting and appealing violations of Palestinian digital rights for a long time, 7or comes as a need for an extensive and a cumulative work of 7amleh to document digital violations over the years as “Digital rights are human rights”. On this episode of Vibes, we have Nadeem Nashef, Director of 7amleh, who discussed with us the importance of creating such a platform and its processes and policies.

The necessity of launching 7or comes from plenty of reasons such as the Israeli occupation regular attempts on criminalizing human rights defenders, and pressuring social media platforms to take down Palestinian content. In addition, the Palestinian authority that works, somehow, on shrinking the human rights of the Palestinian citizens themselves. As many defenders and human rights activists face the threat of imprisonment. Also, for the fact that companies like Facebook for instance, don’t respect the Palestinian narrative or any criticism of their policies. Therefore, 7or comes to deal with issues as account suspension and deletion and other phenomena like; the right of speech, fake news, and violence on gender backgrounds.

Furthermore, the platform provides reliable data monthly and annually for workers in the field of digital rights, researchers and journalists, which would support advocacy and research efforts related to digital rights. Yet, 7or comes to solidify and systematize these processes of monitoring, documentation and follow-up on such violations for the sake of portraying a wider picture of Palestinian digital rights situation and to raise the Palestinian voice locally and globally.

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