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Global Entrepreneurship Week Palestine 2021

Jerusalem24 – Global entrepreneurship week is a celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity throughout Palestine. Starting from the 7th -14th of November, leading entrepreneurs and job creators from all over Palestine will be joining all together to launch their startups and ideas. GEW Palestine 2021 will also offer them a great opportunity to connect with stakeholders who can potentially help fuel their initiatives and projects. As Palestine will be joining more than 170 countries in marking the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. To discuss this thoroughly, we had with us in the studio Mr. Hassan Afifi, chairman of intersect innovation hub along with the project director of the innovative private sector development project (IPSD), Ms. Lina Fattom.

On one hand, intersect innovation hub is genuinely a creation of the bank of Palestine group that represents the intersection point between constituents of the ecosystem and the private, banking, legal sector and the startups. Basically, it is a platform for young people and startups that aims to incubate them and provide them with the needed skills that are required to build their own business company. From the very early stages to the final product and design, the intersect innovation hub comes to support the innovators’ dreams in order to pave their career path. So as a platinum sponsor of the GEW 2021, intersect innovation hub is looking for all young change-makers and creators to help them achieve their goals and ease their network and connection with the international market.

On the other hand, as a generous part of GEW 2021, the innovative private sector development project comes also to support Palestinian startups and SMEs and young entrepreneurs. Originally, IPSD is a ministry of national economy project and a world bank funded project. IPSD’s mission is to improve the business environment in Palestine through the implementation of various programs and activities. Such activities work on empowering and encouraging youth and women to compile the outcomes of their innovations. Yet, other activities provide technical funding opportunities. IPSD also offers projects that ease the business registration process for entrepreneurs and expand their business markets regionally and internationally. Additionally, relief programs were specially provided in Gaza since the beginning of the pandemic and the last Gaza war.

In addition to this Mrs Samah Hamad General Manager of Paltel Group Foundation for Community Development spoke to us about this independent Palestinian non-profit organization that represents the developmental arm of Paltel Group and its companies; it was established in 2008, and dedicates its efforts to social and economic development in Palestine, as a direct response to the growing needs of the Palestinian society. Paltel Group Foundation is the first foundation of its kind in Palestine, as it is a self-financing local institution that receives support from Paltel Group’s companies (JawwalPaltelHadara, and Reach). The Foundation focuses on the various forms of youth empowerment by providing equal opportunities to all segments of the society in the fields of education and technology, due to the Foundation’s belief in their role in advancing the social, and through empowering a society based on knowledge and taking initiatives.

In the same respect, Mr Salah Amleh Director of Growth for Training and Development as well as the host of GEW discussed with Mona Hijjawi in VIBES what Growth offers Through its extensive training programs, workshops, and mentorships, Growth Training and Development (GTD) targets talented Palestinian students, graduates, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Growth for Training & Development aims to foster and promote the growth of startups with the relevant business knowledge to transform them into strong and enduring companies and organizations.

Concerted efforts by GTD incorporate a range of educational and core business disciplines that are embedded in management, marketing, and finance.  Such methods are divided into three comprehensive tracks such as Startup Support Program, Event Management and Pipeline Development and Consulting to SME and Development.

The bottom line is that such global program as GEW 2021 is a great opportunity for relationship building and success achieving. So, join global entrepreneurship week Palestine 2021 and be part of the change that will fuel economic growth and job creation in Palestine.

Mona Hijjawi

Editor/Presenter Graduated from The Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Cairo, BA in Translation and Mass Communication. Currently Ramallah based Journalist and presenter at Jerusalem24.

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