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Animal Cruelty in Palestine, How can we help?

Jerusalem24 – How many times have we heard of stray dogs and kittens being injured or killed for no reason? Perhaps from our neighbors, the radio, or, if you’re an animal lover, from local animal welfare shelters?

Unfortunately, Palestinian municipalities are responding to the problem of stray animals by launching poisoning campaigns and adopting a shoot-on-sight strategy. The culture of animal abuse has even spread to children, with many of them harming animals as a hobby or as a pastime.

The administration responded to animal rights activists’ complaints by blaming a lack of financing for shelter construction or claiming that having stray animals is detrimental for the environment. Diana Babish, the board chair and founder of the animal and environmental society, claims that the government “chose the easy way out” rather than aiding the animals.

Animal abuse is not limited to stray animals in Palestine; it also affects agricultural and factory animals. Factory farming as we know it—and its severe environmental consequences—would be impossible if we made cruelty to farmed animals illegal. Factory farms will be unable to raise nearly as many animals once the government intervenes and requires them to treat their animals decently, for as by allowing enough space for each animal to roam. As a result, production will decrease, lowering the environmental impact of industrial farms. Fewer farm animals will undoubtedly result in lower methane and other greenhouse gas emissions, reduced water use and pollution, and an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Ending animal abuse will not only be a humane gesture, but it will also assist the environment by ending early-stage mental health issues in children and preventing these children from growing up and harming other humans.

In Palestine, Babish and other animal rights activists are petitioning the government to make animal abuse criminal. The petition asks those in power to pass legislation to safeguard these helpless animals and to deal with them in a humane way. They also seek for a fine or even jail time for anyone who abuse them. Citizens who purchase poisons from veterinarians and agricultural centers and scatter it about their homes are also asked to stop, according to the petition. These poisons not only kill stray animals, but they also kill birds, taint our soil, and possibly poison the people who live in the houses.

When asked if she has a message to the decision makers, Babish said “the people who have harmed the animals need to be stopped, they need to be convinced that they are a creation of God and no one is entitled to do anything to these animals, and also you can’t harm anyone human or animal.”

If you are looking to adopt an animal or If you want to help, visit the Animal and Environment Association socials to learn more about the issue and to stay up to date with the petition. https://www.facebook.com/Bethlehemshelter/.

To learn more about the issue and know how we can help, take a listen to our Vibes episode with Diana Babish down below.

Mona Hijjawi

Editor/Presenter Graduated from The Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Cairo, BA in Translation and Mass Communication. Currently Ramallah based Journalist and presenter at Jerusalem24.

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