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Get Ready to Palestine Cinema Days!

Jerusalem24 – Today is a happy day for all cinema lovers in Palestine, as it is the opening day of the 8th edition of the Palestine cinema days. On this episode of vibes, we have Kholod Badawi, the spokesperson of the film festival, who joined us in an informative discussion about the festival’s purposes and events. Palestine cinema days is a film festival organized by film lab and is taking place in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Haifa, Gaza, and Jerusalem. Yet, the festival aims at promoting national and international film culture in Palestine. Since cinema is a great medium for Palestinians to expose the reality of living under the Israeli occupation, restrictions and suppressions. Palestine cinema days will raise the voices of people’s struggles as it will also introduce national talents and potentials to a wider international audience. In addition, this year’s festival will launch the next generation program that targets children and gives them the chance to engage and understand cinema industry and its impacts. It also provides the children with alternative valuable content to enhance their cultural and critical thinking for social change.

Its noteworthy that the proceeds of the festival will go funding the Palestinian sunbird production award and will directly contribute to Palestine film production.

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