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VIBES – Scrolls of Beauty with Husam Qutob

Jerusalem24 – On today’s episode of Vibes, we were joined in the studio with the talented Founder of Scrolls of beauty, Hussam Qutob. Throughout the episode, we covered several topics that discuss skincare routines and the expected social norms. At first, Qutob takes us on a journey on how the idea of creating such a skincare specialized page “scrolls of beauty” emerged. And then, he shares with us some of the difficulties he faced in the society, for him being a male talking and displaying what the social norms consider as feminine. For Qutob, skincare and personal care is never related to one gender, as it’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through his page, instead of only presenting Palestine in a Political manner, Qutob chooses to present all its social and beauty aspects in a very light manner. Also, regarding the fact that plenty of individuals in Palestine lack the proper knowledge about skincare, scrolls of beauty comes as a savior for many.

So, to find more about Qutob’s pieces of advice and future plans, take a listen to the full interview below

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