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Hackers publish detailed information about hundreds of Israeli soldiers

Jerusalem24 – Last night, a cyber hacker group published files containing information on the names, phone numbers and addresses of hundreds of Israeli soldiers, and full details of their social and economic lives.

According to the Israeli news website, Ynet, the same group the day before yesterday published pictures of Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, that had not been published before.

Ynet pointed out that the files contain complete details of reserve soldiers in military units, including their ranks, locations and the explanations given by each of them for not being able to join the reserve service when they were called upon.

The files also contain details of thousands of Israelis who are candidates to join the IDF, or are conscripted.

One of the soldiers described the leaking of details of his private information as “crazy,” noting that he was surprised by the information that was published.

Another soldier said that what happened was “astonishing, surprising and shocking.”

It is estimated that this is an Iranian group that aims to influence Israeli soldiers.

The hackers sent messages attached to these files, pledging to follow up and prosecute those soldiers, and indicated to Gantz that they know of all of his decisions.

Mohammad Hamayel

Ramallah based journalist, Mohammad graduated from Al-Quds University with a B.A. in Media and Television. He has covered the 2015 Jerusalem Intifada as well as the Great March of Return for international media outlets. currently an editor/presenter at Jerusalem24. A UN alumni and a follower of global events and politics, especially American affairs.

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