VIBES – A Revival of Palestinian Theatre

Jerusalem24 – Last week, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center hosted a theater performance by Athar theater group. So, on this episode of Vibes, we have Rana Burkan, a main actress in Athar theater group, who joined us to inform us more about the group and their latest productions. Athar theater group is technically an independent group that consists of collective professionals and non-professionals theater artists. The group’s primer goal is to produce art for the Palestinian people. Through theater, art, and culture Athar produces legitimate materials from actual experiments. Furthermore, Burkan discussed their latest play “Gharib Identity”. She noted how this play is sarcastically relatable to anyone at any place, where a piece of paper could judge your life.

Its noteworthy to say that the group works independently. Therefore, it receives zero financial support and only relies on ticket sales to fund their next productions.

Take a listen to the full interview and enjoy the upcoming performances that will be held in many Palestinian cities starting from November.

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