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VIBES – Hip-Hop made in Palestine

Jerusalem24 – Today’s episode is dedicated to all Hip-Hop fans and music admirers. We have with us Co-founder of DAM and the great hip-hop artist, Mahmood Jrere, who addresses how DAM was originally created as the very first hip-hop group from Palestine and the Middle east. At first, when Palestinians from all areas in Palestine discovered this new form of music, they sensed the realness and resemblance with their daily issues as it uses the youth language to revolve around subjects that really matter. Therefore, DAM music topics have a positive impact on the audience since it represents their life very well. Noting that in Palestine, particularly, Hip-Hop is connected to the daily events, whether societal or political. Yet, nowadays, Palestinian music is travelling all around the world and reaching lots of souls and hearts. That’s why we began to witness the real presence of many Palestinian artists in huge music events such as Palestine Music Expo (PMX).

So, stay tuned to check and enjoy the newest music brought to you by famous Palestinian artists!

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