VIBES – How do we protect ourselves and our loved ones? Mental Health Week with MDM!

Jerusalem24 – What is mental health and why should we care about it? according to Jenny Higgins the advocacy coordinator of MDM ( medicals don Mondo – doctors of the world ) mental health is “A stage of emotional and psychological wellbeing so you can realize your full potential and enjoyment of everyday life”. On this episode, we delve into the important work that MDM is performing Palestine, the importance of mental health week, the global mobilizing movement of mental health awareness and how Palestinians are especially suffering from mental health issues. Jenny shared with us some tips to improve our own mental health such as; Thinking of our own strengths and positive qualities, finding ways to express ourselves freely, finding our community, creating hope in our life, setting some goals, developing hobbies, switching off from Social media every once in a while and most importantly, getting enough sleep. If you are struggling with your mental health, there are hotlines set in place for helping you, and if you need more insight on how to battle mental health, this is the episode for you!

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