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VIBES – Netflix to launch 32 Palestinian films on October 14

Jerusalem24 – In this episode on Vibes, we have May Odeh, a Palestinian director and producer, who joined us in a talk about the Palestinian films that were newly added to Netflix. Cinema is definitely a great medium to make a huge impact on people. Since Netflix as a platform has lots of Israeli and American production. Yet, it comes the time to have a collection that represents Palestinian narrative correctly. Therefore, adding such Palestinian films on Netflix is a great win for Palestinians, as it examines the Palestinian side that is usually being manipulated. Also, this way, Palestinian films can play a great role in breaking boundaries and show the real face of Palestine through genuine Palestinian stories.

Odeh states that the Palestinian film producers managed to include plenty of distinguished types of films such as; romantic dramas, sci-fic, documentaries and short films. In addition, Palestinian filmmakers clearly want to speak out through their films about the Israeli occupation that is affecting their lives in every way possible.

However, the development of the Palestinian cinema industry is a huge challenge in Palestine. As it lacks the appropriate support from the government within both the private and the public sector. Also, there is no production system that produces and eases the provision of money and movement for individual filmmakers. Besides, the lack of cinema and culture agenda that aims to highlight the produced Palestinian films. And on top of all of that, the brutal occupation.

Finally, and foremost, get ready to grab your popcorn and celebrate Palestinian art with these new films on Netflix.

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