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VIBES – Bayan Abu Salameh Innovates First Ever Palestinian Satellite Named “Palestine_1”

Jerusalem24 – From Palestine all the way to space – this is the story of a 25-year-old ambitious and passionate Palestinian mechanical engineer who is well on her way to leading Palestine to space. Bayan Salameh completed her graduate studies at Queen Mary University in the UK with her thesis being ‘Palestine-1’. The young engineer shared with us the days of initial interest of the field fueled by her inspiration from Stephen Hawking, her journey in undergrad and graduate school, her journey studying abroad and her future plans of furthering her career and paving the way to all young women and men who are passionate about space to follow in her footsteps. We had to address the societal pressures and the stereotypes that followed Bayan, her response was nothing short of encouraging “If you are passionate about it you can do it”, Bayan advises all passionate students that intimidation and the fear of failure will only result in setting us back. In her own words, “this achievement was not for me, but for Palestine and the Palestinian people everywhere”, all the positive Reponses to her success warmed her heart and urged her to work even harder to make herself and Palestine proud. We are very proud of you Bayan, and we cannot wait to witness the Palestine-1 launching in a couple of years!

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