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WAKE UP PALESTINE – The Palestinian Participation in EXPO Dubai

Jerusalem24 – On this episode, Omar Barghouti, the co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel movement, joins us to discuss Israel’s participation in the Dubai 2021 Expo. “Normalizes Israel by making it appear as a normal member of the community” Barghouti condemns the UAE for allowing Israel to participate in the expo and considering them as a normal neighboring country. His criticism is directed at the Palestinian Authority, which he describes as “a non-democratically elected state with no democratic mandate to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people,” and whose participation “indicates its complicity with the UAE dictatorship and the Israeli regime of occupation.” We discussed the various dangers that come with Israel’s participation, including the damage that will befall not only Palestinians but also the emirates, migrant workers in the UAE, and the people of Yemen. Listen to this episode to learn more about the BDS movement, how we as Palestinians can utilize our voices to influence the global normalization movement, and the advantages of sanctions and boycotting.

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