VIBES – What’s going on in the Football World?

Jeruslaem24 – On this episode of Vibes, we have Saleh Abdallah, a huge football fan, who joined us in an interesting talk about hot topics in football. Starting with Barcelona crisis that originally started long time ago in 2014 and the latest departure of Messi. We also discussed the expected World Cup qualifiers where Abdallah noted that many Arab teams are also expected to be at the fore from both Africa and Asia. Furthermore, the European leagues have great matches, and a very tough title race between many teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester city and Manchester united. Not forgetting about the French league after Messi joined Paris. Yet, Abdallah is ambitious about the champions league. He describes how this year; the champions league is full of surprises and knock out stages with a good amount of really great matches like the one between Paris and Manchester city.

For the upcoming future, Abdallah is anticipating big football events like the English premier league that is one of the greatest events in the world soccer.

Lastly, he says that in 2022, we will witness more bright news about many football stars and teams.

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