VIBES – Did you take a picture? Pink October with Dr Nfouz Maslamani

Jerusalem24 – As Pink October is here, we need to raise awareness about breast cancer and the necessity of early diagnosis. Thus, on today’s episode of Vibes, we have Nofouz Maslamani, director of Dunya women’s cancer center. As breast cancer is the first cause of death for women in Palestine, she discusses with us the importance of early detection that saves lives.

Dunya women’s cancer center launched a campaign under the name of “Did You Take a Picture”. What’s different about this campaign is that they are targeting women over 40 and their families. Since cancer is not only affecting women, but also all their family members, who need to be part of the awareness instead of letting women alone. Due to its success, this campaign is ranked as number 11th locally and 6th in the Arab world.

Yet, this year, the campaign slogan is metaphorically representing the fact that Mammogram is the best way to detect cancer. Although the survival rate is up 98%, all women should do early checkups.

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