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The Jewish National Fund supports settlements in Hebron

Jerusalem24 – The Jewish National Fund “Keren Kayemeth Le Israel” approved the deposit of 108,000 shekels to ensure the continued seizure of the Bakri house in Hebron by a settler following the issuance of an eviction order. This decision contradicts a previous decision that stipulated not to pay this amount to the settler.

The Israeli daily Newspaper, Haaretz, reported that the new decision provides for the transfer of 36,000 shekels to ensure the continued seizure and residence of settler “Asher Horopitz ” in the house called “Bakri’s Home.”

Because of the fund’s precedent, the settlement association that rented the house from “Keren Kayemeth Le Israel” deposited 80,000 shekels in the court, which made a decision to that effect.
The court had decided in March 2019 to evict the settler from the house, and he demanded a short time later to block the decision to evict him, claiming that the Himnuta company of the Jewish National Fund had bought the house in which he resides, and the latter claimed that it had bought the house from someone who had bought it from the Bakri family, which has been engaged in open conflict for years to evacuate the settler from their house.

But the effects of a report prepared by the lawyer Dina Yahab, at the request of the fund, raised many questions about the credibility of the deal.

Last July, the court decided that “Horopitz” should not be evicted from the house until the clarification of Himnuta’s allegations about the purchase, on the condition that he deposits  108,000 NIS in 5 installments in court. This is to be considered costs of using the house for the past five years, and this is the expected time to finish clarifying the excuses of Himnuta, while the settlement association also agreed on this decision.

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish National Fund, who opposes the management’s decision said, “Al-Bakri House” was bought in a thorny manner, and a lawsuit was filed against Horopitz’s eviction prior to the purchase.”

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