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Head of the Mossad admits the failure of the new “Arad” operation

Meanwhile, Israeli PM denies failure of the operation

Jerusalem24 – Yesterday evening, Monday, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett denied what was published by Mossad chief David Barnea regarding the failure of the process of obtaining new information about the whereabouts and fate of Lieutenant Colonel Ron Arad; an Israeli soldier who went missing in 1986 in southern Lebanon.

In a statement, Bennett’s office said that the process of obtaining intelligence on Ron Arad was successful, and through it exceptional operational goals were achieved.

He stressed that what was published about the failure of the operation was just “lies.”

Israeli channels attributed to the head of the Mossad, earlier in the day, that what Bennett revealed about the start of an operation last month to obtain new information about the pilot, Arad, had failed.

Israel Channel 12 quoted Barnea as confessing during a closed session, that the operation was brave and complex, but that it failed, and that efforts will continue to gain access to new information.

While Israel Channel 13 quoted a security official as saying that the operation did not achieve its goal and no new information was obtained.

Another security official criticized Bennett and his exploitation of the sensitive process in a political way.

According to the channel, the broad operation in which several countries participated and was carried out by a large number of Mossad elements, while the head of the service briefed the Arad family on the matter personally.

Mohammad Hamayel

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