VIBES – Travel Tips and Tricks with Nagham Al-Badawi

Jerusalem24 – Do you love to travel but are too scared to do it alone? Do you want to travel but have a low budget? No worries, Nagham Al-Badawi the Palestinian travel expert who travelled the world is here to share with us her travel tricks and tips. “For gifts, I always look for the cheapest and smallest gifts, like magnets and handmade crafts” other than offering us advice on what to shop for when finding a gift for loved ones, Al-Badawi gave us a scoop of the safest countries to visit, the best beaches to vibe in, airport hacks, and the best ways to get there; we also talked about her journey and how she over came social pressures, the lack of financial security after leaving her job and her travel essentials. Badawi shared with us her belief that the world has become her home and how she portrays her passion for travel in her everyday life. Take a listen and start planning your next trip ASAP!

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