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VIBES – “Never stay silent, unite and resist”

Jerusalem24 – “Never stay silent, unite and resist. Stay strong” Jana Tamimi, the world’s youngest journalist, joined us on this episode to discuss her activism, advocacy, and journalistic journey. Through her social media posts, the 15-year-old conveyed her love for justice by documenting any real-life injustices she witnesses and sharing them with international and national outlets. Tamimi was recently approached by AMNESTY International to be one of their cases for Angelina Jolie’s co-produced book “Know Your Rights and Claim Them.” We discussed her role models, the motivations for her passionate desire for justice, and the future of youth activism. Listen to how Palestinian youth are fighting for a better future.

Mona Hijjawi

Editor/Presenter Graduated from The Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Cairo, BA in Translation and Mass Communication. Currently Ramallah based Journalist and presenter at Jerusalem24.

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