VIBES – Intuitive Nutrition or Intermittent Fasting?

Jerusalem24 – On this episode of Vibes, we were joined in the studio with the Palestinian nutritionist, Zaina Barghouti. We talked about two different methods of weight loss; Intuitive eating and intermittent fasting. While explaining the principles of each approach, Barghouti points at the fact we are living in a diet culture, where people are mostly adapting restrictive diets that are not sustainable and have a negative impact on the body and mentality. Also, we discussed how intuitive eating creates a mind-body connection method of dealing with food in a peaceful manner, for a long-term. In addition to its applicability for those who aim to lose and gain weight. While, on the contrary, intermittent fasting is shockingly mistaken as a great method of losing weight. As it is purely about the period of eating instead of the quality of food. Therefore, proper consultation is advised when adapting such approach. Yet, if you are wondering how and when to start your healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically, take a listen and as she would say understand your body more and be aware and conscious of what you eat because “It’s all in the mind”!

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