VIBES – Build Palestine Summit 2021

Jerusalem24 – As only 3 days separate us from Build Palestine summit. On today’s episode, Mays Kuhail , community coordinator at build Palestine, joined us to give us more teasers of the summit. Build Palestine initiated this summit in order to create a space for Palestinians to gather, discuss, celebrate and speak about the current issues we have in Palestine. The summit comprises of a huge line-up of speakers, sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. So far, around 1000 people registered to attend the summit. Based on participants’ interests, they are expected to gain multiple outcomes from attending the summit as each panel discusses different topic. Moreover, as a spoiler, Mays exposed that Mona Al-Kurd is going to be one of the summit’s main speakers.

Kuhail explained how the Build Palestine summit is a way to fulfill the need of people, who are keen to help in building a better future for Palestine. At the summit, speakers will aim at tackling several challenges in order to take actions that can effectively make an impact to the future.

Noting that the summit content is inclusive to everyone as the conference is available in Arabic, English and other languages

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