VIBES – Terra Sancta Museum with Sarah Cibin

Jerusalem24 – Terra Sancta Museum, an ancient Museum in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem is our today’s hot topic. Sara Cibin, project manager at Terra Sancta Museum joined us in a discussion about the roots and the idea behind the museum. Terra Sancta Museum is one of the oldest museums in Jerusalem that was built due to the Franciscans fathers’ interest in the holy city and its history. The Franciscans felt they belong to Palestine; thus, the heritage should belong to the Palestinian community. Also, they wanted to emphasize on the roots of Christianity and its holy sites. However, the museum is not only limited to Christian history as it has many artistic pieces from different historical ages. The museum mainly promotes the artistic and the archeological heritage of the old city of Jerusalem. Therefore, it comprises 3 sections; multimedia section, where artworks are collected from all over the world, archeological and a historical section. Cibin declares how they invested in offering tours for school students and are willing to expend their program in the future.

Its noteworthy that the museum has a Mobile Application that works as a guide for the museum. So, visitors can install it in order to show the content of the exhibition while providing information about it.

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