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VIBES – The experience of TEDx Birzeit with Mo’nes Nazzal

Jerusalem24 – The fighter of today’s story is Mo’nes Nazzal, one of TEDx Birzeit speakers, whose story touched many hearts and souls. The story of Mo’nes starts when he lost his sights, ten years ago, while he was on his way home. Nothing but Complete darkness was surrounding him, yet that’s exactly where his turning point emerged. Once he lost his sights, many challenges and fears came up to surface. He was absolutely terrified by the thought that he might not be able to finish his study, as well as he was afraid of society and people and the fact that he might not be able to be like the others. However, and because of Mo’nes’ active and hyper personality, he didn’t quit participating and showing up in lots of activities. He explains it as if he has an engine that motivates him to be a better version of himself every day. Nazzal adds: “It’s your role to convince the society that you are like them, it’s your role to tell the others that you have a message to convey, it’s your role to inspire others…. Otherwise, the society will not respect and appreciate you”

On the other hand, TEDx experience was the most important experience in Nazzal’s life. TEDx Birzeit gave him the opportunity to talk about himself from the moment of birth till now. For Nazzal, TEDx Birzeit was the first time he shares his story without any filters and in front of a huge audience. It also was the first time, he ever felt himself as a real source of inspiration. He adds “Don’t underestimate any small accomplishment you can achieve, as you should not see yourself less”.

Despite all difficulties, he persisted and reached great stages in his life. Where he dreams about being an influencer and a source of inspiration to help those “who has everything, but can’t do anything” as well as his wish to pursue Master’s and PhD. Besides, building a social network to help students improve their English skills.

Take a listen to Mo’nes’ pieces of advice on how to cherish yourself more and face difficulties

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