VIBES – Anemia Iron Deficiency with Shahd Assaf

Jerusalem24 – On this episode, we are discussing anemia and Iron deficiencies with Shad Assaf, who is a clinical dietitian. Low iron levels in the body is most common in women and children due to menstruation, lactation periods and growth hormones. Assaf gave us a list of common symptoms that may include, fatigue, general weakness, dizziness, brittle nails, hair loss and pale or yellow skin. The best way to combat anemia is to have a complete and nutritional meals that are full with iron – we can get the appropriate amount of iron from seafood, dark meat, spinach, nuts, dried fruits and raisins. The most important trick is to avoid drinking tea and coffee right after or with our food, as it blocks or inhibits iron absorption. Tune in to this episode to learn more about nutritionist eating habits!

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