VIBES – What is Feng Shui with Dima Ateeq

Jerusalem24 – Have you ever gone into a room and sensed something wasn’t quite right? That could be due to a lack of Chi (the circulating life energy). Dima Ateeq, an architect and Feng Shui practitioner, is here to discuss how to harness good environmental energy and create a harmonious living place. Turns out, The natural flow of energy from the earth affects our moods, relationships, health, and lifestyles, and if not harnessed properly, it can have severe consequences. Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui has nothing to do with the color scheme or the interior decoration of our homes, it is much simpler than that; positioning specific furniture and appliances in accordance to the energy flows! Ateeq gave us some helpful and simple tricks to apply in our most important rooms in the house like that kitchen, bedroom, the office or study area, the front door, and the bathroom. Ateeq iterated that sunlight and air circulation are key components to a happy healthy Chi. Ateeq’s final advice to us was that Feng Shui was simple, but effective.

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