VIBES – What is the Seasonal Depression?

Jerusalem24 – Seasonal depression, what is it? How do we know if we have it? How can we fight it? Here to answer all these questions and offer some advice is Mona Zuhairy a community psychologist. Since we are rapidly saying goodbye to summer, our biological clock is changing, the weather is becoming gloomier, the days are shorter and our serotonin levels are decreasing; Zuhairy says that all of these components may cause us to have seasonal depression. Previously diagnosed people with depression or bipolar disorder have a higher chance of battling seasonal depression than anyone else. Zuhairy gives us a list of possible symptoms to look out for that may include; fatigue, lack of sleep, weigh fluctuations, changeable sexual drive and that it goes on for more than three weeks. Some advice to help combat seasonal depression is to keep up with you routine, get a healthy amount of sleep, work out, eat healthy foods and if it’s too sever- consult a therapist or a psychologist. Take a listen and go have a wonderful winter free of seasonal depression!

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