VIBES – What is the Researchist?

Jerusalem24 -On today’s episode, we have Ibrahim Arari, the PR responsible and social media director at the Researchist community for Palestinian university students, who joined us to discuss more about this unique project. The researchist community started off as an advocacy initiative in 2019, when the CEO Doha, came with an idea after she noticed the lack of adequate research skills among Palestinian youth. And later, this initiative turned into an institution and a community with participants from inside and outside of Palestine. Yet, the community expanded to many universities in Palestine like: Al Najah in the West bank, and the Islamic university in Gaza. Arari states that at the researchist, they work on two basics; offering research methodology training, and giving the chance to every student to start researches and projects outside of university campus. Besides, the researchist team aim at different goals such as: creating research language, building important skills, and lastly, enhancing the research culture we have in Palestine. All though the targeted audience is open to university students, and all those interested and associate about scientific research. Arari, still, calls all decision makers to reconsider supporting such scientific research.

However, and because the researchist community is working on zero budget, it certainly didn’t develop without the help of many supporters as; Al Nayzak, Seeds, Refah, and some more. Which played a good role in funding the community projects, alongside with providing places and the right equipment for such projects.

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