VIBES- Muay Thai in Palestine with Ahmad Abu Dukhan

Two Palestinian wins in the third Muay Thai, Iraq based championship.

Jerusalem24 –  On Today’s episode, our special guest is Ahmad Abu Dukhan, the technical director and coach of the national Muay Thai team in Palestine. Abu Dukhan joined us in a discussion about the sport and the championship. Originally, Muay Thai roots from Thailand and became a national sport long time ago. Muay Thai is a combination of many martial arts where all body parts involve in the fight. Whereas, each athlete has its own identity and style in fighting, in a way that makes the fight so fun and suspenseful to watch. Yet, in Palestine, the national team consists of 400 athletes with around 50 athletes enrolled in many Arab and international champions. Moreover, the female contribution is also present in the national Muay Thai team. As they fight against the society that considers it as a men sport not a women sport. Abu Dukhan declares that it’s the team’s commission to prove that women can fight and compete. In addition, he states that this particular championship was truly challenging for the whole team. Two years of Corona virus, and Lockdowns that resulted in closing the club, yet, all we had are the streets and online training sessions, with no real fights. Nevertheless, winning two gold medals in such an international championship is greatly motivating and encouraging for all the members of the club. At last, Abu Dukhan mentions the fact that Palestine lacks enough training centers; indoor and outdoor. Alongside with the Israeli occupation that restricts our freedom of movement. He adds that athletes need a good amount of support both financially and emotionally.

Its noteworthy that this championship resulted in Ahmad Hilal defeating his opponent at the weight of 81, and Amir al Amla winning against his opponent at the weight of 63.5.

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