VIBES – The Experience of TEDx Birzeit with Drosos Regional Manager Reem Khalil

Jerusalem24 – Our guest for this episode, Reem Khalil, the regional director of Drosos Palestine, joined us in a discussion about the breaking molds event “TEDx Birzeit”. She starts off explaining how amazing it was, creating such an event with the entrepreneurship and innovation unit at Birzeit University. Since they have the spirit and they are aware of the youth and their stories very well, in a way that made them so credible of doing such an event. Whereas, Drosos sponsored the whole event from A to Z. However, after announcing a public call for speakers, they received around 25 applications, yet, dropped down to only 9 speakers on the day of the event. The preparation of the speakers went through a long process. Aa a number of experts in drama, storytelling, familiarizing your body with yourself, and emotions controlling experts were hired to train the speakers in a way that resulted in having amazingly powerful speeches on stage. So, technically, TEDx Birzeit aimed at breaking the stereotypes of the audience and the speakers themselves. Not only targeting the youth locally but also, the international community and how it looks at Palestinians. Despite being under occupation, going through the global pandemic, and the economic crisis which caused lots of struggles and sufferings to the Palestinians. The Palestinian youth have thrived in making success stories that are full of empowerment, innovation and creativity that broke such molds and stereotypes. Khalil says that even though it was really tiring preparing and managing the event, but at the end, this event in particular “Was one of the most inspiring days that I have faced in my whole life”

It is noteworthy to mention that TEDx Birzeit was co-parallel with an event that took place a day before in Gaza, TEDx Aljalaa.

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