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Jerusalem24 launches into the airwaves

Palestine's first English broadcasting radio station officially takes off!

Jerusalem24 – Ramz Bsharat – Mohammad Hamayel – In Ramallah yesterday, Monday, Afkar Media Production and Publishing officially launched Jerusalem 24, the first English broadcasting radio station, in Palestine that also broadcasts in Hebrew in Palestine.

Ehab Al-Jariri, Editor-In-Chief of Jerusalem24 and 24FM.
(Photo Credit: Mohammad Silwadi)

In his speech, the editor-in-chief of 24FM and JERUSALEM 24, Ehab Al-Jariri, said, “We seek to present the Palestinian narrative as it is and reach a wide audience, which is the core of what we want to reach. This project is unparalleled, as there are no independent Palestinian radio stations that speak more than one language, It targets regional and international audiences, while there are many Israeli media outlets speaking in English and Arabic that address Palestinian and international audiences.

Al-Jariri pointed out that “JERUSALEM 24 is committed to covering Palestinian issues, focusing on the issues of Jerusalem and Area C, and marginalized areas, with a special focus on discriminatory laws, education, housing, youth and gender in those areas, and the various violations that Palestinians can be subjected to in accordance with international and humanitarian law, basing our editorial policy on the highest professional standards.”

Al-Jariri added, “JERUSALEM 24 is the nucleus of a greater vision through which we aspire to develop an organized multilingual digital media and an active presence on social media, which will be written to the world by Palestinians.”

Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Dr. Leila Ghannam. (Photo Credit: Mohammad Silwadi)

In the same context, the Governor of the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, Dr. Laila Ghannam said in her speech that there are many challenging stories that need to have a voice in English and Hebrew, “Our story has been going on for many years and we hope to move soon and broadcast Jerusalem 24 from Jerusalem, when it is liberated and we will not give up.” She pointed out that “as long as there are young men and women, Palestine will remain alive to gain its independence.” Ghannam thanked Denmark for its financial support to Palestine, but considered that political support is much more important.

Ghannam concluded, “God willing, your voice will always be loud, and the voice of Palestine will be loud, so that we can obtain our rights.”

Country Director of Danish\Norweigan Church Aid, Mads Frilander (Photo Credit: Mohammad Silwadi)

In his turn, the director of Danish Church AID, Mads Frilander, said in his speech that “this year we witnessed in East Jerusalem, especially in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the importance of strong Palestinian voices in challenging the prevailing international narratives, and we saw that the media and social media can change global public opinion towards the Palestinians wherever in the face of challenges to forcibly displace Palestinians from East Jerusalem.”

He pointed out that “we have learned about the shape and potential importance of amplifying Palestinian voices so that they can play in shaping the public opinion by exposing the reality of life under occupation, and we know that there is still a significant imbalance in voices that raise and gain attention internationally, regionally and in Israel. Therefore, there is a need for a professional news source that can deliver the Palestinian narrative objectively and credibly to the world, our expectation is that such news sources will have a significant impact on changing the public debate that affects Palestinians and their lives.”

Danish representative in Palestine, Kertil Carlson. (Photo Credit: Mohammad Silwadi)

In the same context, the representative of the Danish representative in Palestine,  Kertil Carlson, spoke about his experience working around the world, and said that everyone, including the Palestinians, wants their children to grow up in safe environments, “Everyone wants to see their children study, succeed and put bread on the table, as well as participate in political life, this can only be achieved through the presence of an independent media.”

He pointed out that this day gave him hope, when he entered the building, he felt the vitality and energy of the place, and he saw many young people and women here, as well as many people who believe in a better future for all through freedom of access to information.

It is noteworthy that Radio Jerusalem 24 is the sister station of Arabic-speaking Radio 24FM, and the launch of this radio comes with a full broadcast program in English, including songs, news and talk shows, the radio station also broadcasts a daily Hebrew news bulletin, and publishes on its website a set of exclusive daily reports.

Attendees at the launching of Jerusalem24.
(Photo Credit: Mohammad Silwadi)


Mohammad Hamayel

Ramallah based journalist, Mohammad graduated from Al-Quds University with a B.A. in Media and Television. He has covered the 2015 Jerusalem Intifada as well as the Great March of Return for international media outlets. currently an editor/presenter at Jerusalem24. A UN alumni and a follower of global events and politics, especially American affairs.

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