VIBES – Smart Snacking with nutritionist Razan Salah

Jerusalem24 – I don’t know about you but I for one, love snacking! On this episode, nutritionist Razan Salah joined us to discuss the benefits of smart snacking, including increased metabolism, energy boosts, and a decrease in hunger. Salah encouraged us to eat nutritious snacks like as fruits, vegetables, milk and its replacements, yogurts, and whole grain snacks that supply the body with enough vitamins, water, minerals, and have a low-calorie count. We delved into the idea that snacking can actually help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. This weightlessness, on the other hand, is reliant on the caloric content, portion size, and meal timing. We also discussed why people snack; feelings ranging from boredom to hunger can lead to excessive snacking and eating. Finally, we talked about how much food children require during the day and what parents should include in their children’s snacks.

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