VIBES – Pre/Postnatal fitness with specialist Shaden Asad

Jerusalem24 – Our guest for this episode, Shaden Asad, joined us to explore the benefits of physical activities to pregnant women. She states how our culture believes that it’s better and healthier for pregnant women to remain comfortable and inactive. However, researches proved this wrong. Pregnant women should at least have 30 minutes of exercise three days a week. Although, she’s organizing Pre/postnatal fitness classes, she calls health providers to encourage the people to be more aware of their health especially during pregnancy. Yet, once pregnant women register in the classes, they start questioning if its harmful for them to do so, Asad assures that all workouts are completely safe and super harmful if you do them under a supervision of a specialist. In addition to workouts’ benefits, it plays a great role in easing the labor process and making it less painful. As it prepares the muscles around the pelvis as well as the breathing process and the mental health of a pregnant mom. Particularly workouts like; yoga, and Pilates. At last, she sends a message to all pregnant women saying “listen to your body, and connect your mind and body together”.

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