Tensions high in Israel’s prisons

Ha'aretz: Prison Authority reversing the dispersal of Islamic Jihad prisoners in Ofer.

Jerusalem24 – The website of the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported today, Wednesday, that the Israeli Prison Authority administration has refrained from dispersing Islamic Jihad prisoners in Ofer Prison to other prisons, after threatening to burn their cells and disrupt the system.

The website also indicated that some leaders of the jihad prisoners were interrogated by the Shin Bet security service to verify whether they knew of the intentions of the prisoners who escaped with their plan.

The leadership of the Prisons Authority decided, after the prisoners’ escape, to disperse about 400 prisoners belonging to Islamic Jihad in all prisons, and this step was implemented in several prisons. However, about 150 prisoners of the Islamic Jihad in Ofer prison refused to do so and confronted the guards, and for fear of any disturbances, it was decided not to disperse them. Despite that, disciplinary measures were imposed against them.

According to the website, a prison guard in Gilboa was attacked last night by a Hamas prisoner who threw “boiling water” at him. The Prison Authority took control of the incident immediately, and the prisoner was not injured and continued to work normally.

The website pointed out that since the moment the prisoners escaped from Gilboa prison and the transfer of Islamic Jihad prisoners to various prisons, there has been a great state of tension inside the various prisons, noting that so far 170 prisoners have been released and by the end of the week it is expected that more than 400 prisoners will be transferred to different prisons.


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