VIBES- Sustainability in the built environment in Palestine with Georgina Abboud

Jerusalem24 – Georgina Abboud joined us on this episode to talk about green building and sustainability. The Jerusalem-based architect expressed her passion for green architecture, recycling, and using locally sourced materials in her work to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment. Adding value to buildings and incorporating greenery enhances our health by increasing air circulation and elevating our moods, which improves our personal lives. Abboud applauds the rules and regulations governing sustainable construction for their contributions to reducing climate change, minimizing natural disasters like wildfires, and encouraging smart construction. Abboud, for example, is a huge advocate of building with locally sourced stones because she thinks it’s a wise way to build because it makes homes warm and cozy in the winter and breezy in the summer. She suggests that greenery be used on roofs in West Bank cities to improve the look of our infrastructure and give it a more sustainable feel. She also enjoys smart construction because it requires less time and money. Abboud encourages all young architects to conduct more research and make better use of the environment in order to create a more eco friendly future. Last but not least, Georgina Abboud encourages young architects to trust in themselves and be creative.

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