VIBES – first graphic novel using a 4000-year-old Chinese printmaking technique

Jerusalem24 – What did you do when you were in quarantine? Perhaps you took up a new hobby, unwinded, or went to the gym? Our guest for this episode wrote his first graphic novel using a 4000-year-old Chinese printmaking technique. Mohammad Sabaaneh joined us to discuss his new book, as well as the fascinating world of caricature and political arts. Sabaaneh conducted numerous interviews with Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank in order to provide a genuine perspective on the sociopolitical life in Palestine, the book is based on the theory of colonialism and occupation in Palestine. He also spoke about his time in prison to convey a broader picture to the international community. We talked about the difficulties of being a cartoonist in Palestine, including censorship by the authorities, Israel, and occasionally the audience, the occupation, and the threat of political arrests. We also discussed how Palestinians are drawn to visual commentary because of its simple yet comprehensive features. Sabaaneh described his passion for the art as a form of resistance to sociopolitical challenges and self-expression. Sabaaneh encourages schools and universities to teach caricature to their students, as well as illustration and cartooning techniques, so that they may better resist censorship and corruption as a collective.

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