Wake Up Palestine – Palestinians striving for change

Two months after killing of activist, Palestinians still demanding justice, elections and freedoms

Jerusalem24 – Wake Up Palestine – While the political detainees that were arrested were eventually released by the Palestinian Authority, a large march was organized against political arrests, and calls for respecting civil liberties, justice for Nizar Banat and general elections. Change is still an unachieved goal.

The Palestinian Authority did promise changes in its government however, the initial changes felt more like a game of musical chairs. Some ministers were switched with others, while others were resigned and transferred to embassies. This was especially frustrating for the Palestinians who earlier this year were hoping for elections that were later cancelled. This ministerial reshuffling is being called a change against a backdrop of political arrests and protests.

In this episode of Wake Up Palestine, Mohammad Hamayel speaks with Nour Odeh, a political analyst, former journalist, as well as a former candidate during the cancelled Palestinian Legislative Elections. Together they discuss the government changes, the protests and the issue of trust between the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority.


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