Palestinian detainee infected with Covid19

The Israeli Prison Service locked down the detention center

Jerusalem24 – Last night, Monday, the Prisoners and Former-Detainees Affairs Commission reported, that a prisoner in the Hawara detention center, South of Nablus, was infected with the Corona virus. The commission noted that the Israeli Prisons Service locked down the detention center after it was confirmed that he was infected and was in contact with eight others.

In a statement, the Commission announced that, “the infected prisoner is Ali Muhammad Khryosh, and he showed some symptoms, such as high fever and general fatigue.”

They added that the prison service isolated, due to contact, the prisoners: Muhammad Nazmi Mahmoud al-Atrash, Ahmed Fawaz Fayez Abu Dawas, Othman Jamal Hassan, Sufyan Mahmoud Nimr Arar, Abd al-Salam Muhammad Bani Odeh, Ibrahim Ammar Ibrahim Abbas, Nidal Abd al-Rahim Ajuli, and Muhammad Samir Abu Zina.

Samples were also taken from the detainees for examination.

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