Palestinian groom forced to demolish his home in Jerusalem.

The order arrived 20 days before his wedding.

Jerusalem24 – A Palestinian in the town of al-Tur in Jerusalem was forced by the Israeli authorities to demolish his own home.

In the past few days a new groom, Mohammad Dweik, was busy with friends packing the contents of his house before yesterday, when he proceeded to demolish his own home. Implementing the demolition order himself in order to avoid paying financial fines and for fear over his family’s home adjacent to his house.

The young Dweik said, “the decision was difficult, during the past few months I was building my home with my bare hands, for six months I have been preparing to move into it.” Before his wedding by 20 days, the municipality of Jerusalem stormed his home and delivered a demolition notice. After which, Dweik began working to appeal the demolition order and receive a permit.

Dweik added, “I managed to appeal the order, but in the end the occupation authorities insisted on it. I was forced to demolish the home myself in order to protect my family’s home which is next door.

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